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Running Just To Catch Myself Lyrics - Mark Schultz

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  • Lovequotese Lyrics
  • Lovequotese Lyrics
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Lyrics to "Running Just To Catch Myself" song by "Mark Schultz"

I am driving
I am late for work
Spilling coffee
Down my whitest shirt
While I'm flossing
And I'm changing lanes
Oh Yeah
Now I'm driving
Through the parking lot
Doing eighty
Hey what the heck why not
Watch it lady
'Cause your in my spot
Once again
It's early to work
And here's a surprise
I got a McMuffin for just 99 cents today
I think they ran a specialCHORUS:
I can't stand still
Can I get a witness
Can you hear me
Anybody, anybody
I think I am running just to catch myselfMaybe someday I could fly away
Go to Key Largo or Montego Bay
Sport my speedo,maybe grab a tan
A dream vacation, wild elation
Now I'm running
Straight into my boss
And he's angry
Oh and he calls me Ross
Which is funny
'Cause that ain't my name
And that's lame
I'm still running
Running very late
For a meeting
Wait, that was yesterday
Guess I'm early for the one next week
Oh how sweet
I get on the ladder
I corporately climb
I wave at my life as it passes me by every day
My name's not RossCHORUS

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Mark Schultz (born September 16, 1970, Kansas City, Kansas) is a popular Contemporary Christian music singer/songwriter. In 1995-6, he travelled with a group called Up with People and was the lead singer of one of their international casts. He then returned to Nashville and became a youth group leader, when a teen suggested he take his songs to a record producer. He has released 4 albums and has been nominated for numerous Dove Awards, finally winning his first at the 2006 Doves ceremony when the CD/DVD Mark Schultz Live: A Night of Stories & Songs was named Long Form Music Video of the Year. Mark recently married Kate. On his newest CD, 'Broken and Beautiful', there is a bonus DVD that shows footage of his recent trip to Mexico Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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