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  • Lovequotese Lyrics
  • Lovequotese Lyrics
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Lyrics to "Contradiction" song by "Macklemore"

The other day, me 'n' XP opened for Souls Mischief
I'm like "Yo, let's get on some angry MC showmanship and hit 'em"
Rocked all the cocky songs and not too many soulful lyrics,
Even a couple dissin' women callin' 'em "groupies," "hoes," and "bitches."
Got off stage, and I'm like "Yo, I know that we killed it,"
Ran into a familiar face, a female who comes in and supports us.I said "Peace!" She said "Wait! Let me talk to you for a minute...
I know it's none of my business, but I wasn't impressed by your performance."
I said "Word? Shit, I love feedback and criticism."
She said "I miss the passionate spirit, your political vision.
Quite honestly I wasn't offended by those references to women,
But you're only continuing society's conditioning."It hit the heart of me. I told her that this was part of me,
I stand up for human rights, and treat others how I would wanna be treated.
But every song can't be seepin' with freedom,
'Cuz the other side of me is sexist then people will feel that I'm preachin'.
"Everything's peace and love?" uhh, that's somewhat misleading
Because this world is fucked-up and I'm a pro-duct to what I'm seeing.Not to justify, but just to touch on my being.
I learn from these verses and my purpose gets surfaced with demons.
Now I am sexist, I'm prejudice, I put that in my music.
She said she heard that perspective, but before she turned around
She said "We have a flame, your fire's ignited with sound.
Are you building the empire up, or using your fire to burn it down?"[Chorus]
Consumption, contradiction. I'm conflicted with being a hypocrite,
And through these songs you can witness it.
The differences, I admit this shit, because I'm just like you;
Walking a fine line between saying and living it.
Light it up to burn it down, light it up to burn it down.
Light it up to burn it down, down, down.
Light it up to burn it down, light it up to burn it down.
Light it up to burn it... down, down, down, down, down, down, down.Now one thing that I've always struggled on,
Is how to incorporate drugs and alcohol into my music
Outside of sober songs.
'Cuz on that perspective, that's all over my records.
But the other side isn't represented unless it sessions with XP.
How can I admit that I love to smoke weed,
Knowing the kids are listening and many of 'em look up to me?Not to say that I'm a role model, but I know that words are power.
And if I condone bottles and chronic, I am sending out the
Message "It's okay," hey I believe that it is. Chronic can be medicine,
But it's all about your relationship with it.
See I'm either off in the wagon riding and everyday with the spliff.
Constantly looking for a balance but habit turns to addiction.And hip-hop music & weed: they're inseparable.
So MCs that don't smoke or drink, talking about it to me seems questionable.
It proves how much people just want to be accepted,
And not seem straight-edge to their audience, so keeping it real is neglected.
'Cuz when I'm smoking, I wouldn't wanna bump a song like this.
Put on some Dev and break out the Swishers, and a bong and some licks.See that's a part of me too
And I know that I would make more money if I wasn't as true,
To all the stuggles of the blunted consumption I'm going through.
Make music for the party, and the people support you.
I burn Brother Ali and buy 50, what does that say to you?
Bring it back around,
Am I building the empire up or using my fire to burn it down?x2

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Ben Haggerty, also know as Macklemore is an emcee from Seattle, Washington that often shows up the larger acts he opens for in the city. At his own shows he keeps the audience going, no matter how small the crowd.

On his debut album, The Language of My World, Macklemore drafts a lyrical landscape of classic proportions. This record is teeming with energy and ambition, serving as a fitting debut for one of this country's most promising young artists. Macklemore's gift, like that of all great songwriters, is his ability to speak on universal experiences in a uniquely personal way. Throughout The Language of My World, Macklemore consistently addresses topics that are uncomfortable or taboo, in an attempt to exorcise his own personal demons.

His music is inspirational, filled with social and racial consciousness, as well as a constructive political vision. He's also funny as hell, making music that is at once hilarious and affecting. Born and raised in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood Macklemore has been an integral part of the Seattle hip-hop scene for the past 7 years. He developed his style and character as part of Elevated Elements, which he founded when he was just 14 years old, and quickly moved on to pursue his solo career. From these humble beginnings Macklemore has matured, both as a songwriter and performer, into an artist who is clearly beginning to realize his near limitless potential.

The Language of My World marks the beginning of a movement. The album also features the talents of emcee Xperience who, along with Macklemore, makes up one half of the super-group Step Cousins. Step Cousins features the lighter side of Macklemore. The chemistry that these two have together is nothing short of timeless, and their debut album, set to drop in the summer of 2006, is sure to break the mold. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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